A business-oriented consultancy within a mission-driven nonprofit


Our more than 25 years of on-the-ground field experience delivering results in areas such as public health, food security, education, entrepreneurship, leadership development, change management, and philanthropy equip Synergos with a deep reservoir of knowledge and expertise to serve clients. Learn more »


Synergos Consulting’s unique approach combines business analytics with experiential learning and advanced approaches to participatory design. We support clients from strategy formation to field implementation and have proven methodologies both for enhancing internal alignment and building multi-stakeholder partnerships. Learn more »


Our extraordinary access to social, business, government, community and political leaders enables clients to harness local knowledge in order to build creative answers to complex business questions. Synergos is widely seen as a credible, ‘honest broker’ with extraordinary convening capabilities and the capacity to build trust across sectors. Learn more »


All fees generated by Synergos Consulting go back to the Synergos Institute to support anti-poverty programs around the world.