Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship paves avenues of opportunity for those who would, otherwise, be locked into lives without hope. Social entrepreneurs combine innovation and business skills with a determination to improve the well-being of the communities they serve. They provide solutions to pressing social, economic and environmental problems, improving the quality of life for their target clients and strengthening the broader society. These individuals are society’s change agents, creators of innovation that disrupt the status quo and transform the world.

Synergos has been active in supporting the social entrepreneurship movement in the Middle East/North Africa and Central Asia. For example, we support over 250 social entrepreneurs in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Morocco. Learn more about our social entrepreneurship programs in the MENA region.

We have expertise in a number of areas, including:


  • Facilitating immersion exercises in the MENA region to better understand the nature and role of social entrepreneurship
  • Research and analysis on social entrepreneurship landscape, including key players, dynamics, and opportunities/challenges
  • Designing social entrepreneurship engagement strategies
  • Designing social entrepreneurship programs, including guidebooks with tools, templates, and lessons learned


  • Mapping and identifying potential partners in the social entrepreneurship landscape
  • Brokering and managing partnerships involving social entrepreneurs, business, government, and civil society to improve the social entrepreneurship eco-system
  • Building the capacity and teams to manage and run social entrepreneurship programs
  • Building donor partnerships to support social entrepreneurship strategies


  • Running a social entrepreneurship program
  • Setting metrics and establishing systems to monitor and evaluate the impact of social entrepreneur programs
  • Organizational development for corporate and community actors involved in social entrepreneurship

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Strategy & Implementation · Arab World

Designed and running the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the MENA region.

Strategy & Implementation · Central Asia

Designed and ran a collaborative program aimed at creating and supporting a robust social entrepreneurship movement in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Strategy · Arab World

Supported the social entrepreneurship strategy for three major corporations in the MENA region.

Strategy · Arab World

Supporting the global organization Relief International to design an effective social enterprise program with Iraqi war widows.

Strategy · Arab World

Facilitated immersion journeys for corporate representatives and philanthropists in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco to better understand the nature and role of social entrepreneurship.

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