Some two billion people around the world suffer from malnutrition and almost 50% of deaths of children under 5 are attributable to malnutrition. Governments, aid agencies, and foundations increasingly view nutrition, particularly child nutrition, as a fundamental development issue, deeply linked both to the human health outcomes as well as to educational attainment and economic growth. While much is known about human nutrition needs, public and private sector actors alike continue to struggle with building the systems, business models and partnerships needed to deliver improved and affordable nutrition, particularly to last-mile consumers in emerging markets.

Synergos has been involved in the area of nutrition for over a decade, beginning with the launch of the Bhavishya Alliance on child nutrition in Maharashtra, India along with Unilever, Unicef-India and a host of Indian companies, government agencies and NGOs.

Some of the main ways Synergos can support clients around advancing nutrition solutions includes the following:


  • Facilitating immersion exercise into emerging markets to surface new consumer, market, community and nutrition system insights
  • Research and analysis on market, competitive, social and community contexts
  • Creative process design to enable companies to develop new strategies, programs, investments and models for business and social impact
  • Generating business models and new route-to-market approaches for nutrition solutions
  • Incubating new initiatives through prototyping, stakeholder input, expert analysis, and field-testing
  • Developing financial resourcing plans and donor engagement strategies


  • Mapping, analyzing and engaging stakeholders
  • Vetting potential partners for collaboration
  • Brokering and managing partnerships involving business, government, civil society, health care providers, and other nutrition system players
  • Building donor partnerships


  • Leading large scale nutrition programs at country or sub-national level
  • Field-level program leadership, management and assessment
  • Organizational development for government, corporate, and community actors involved in nutritional programming

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Collaboration & Implementation · India

Created the Bhavishya Alliance together with Unilever, UNICEF, and local stakeholders to develop a cohesive response to child undernutrition in the State of Maharashtra.

Strategy · East Africa & India

Supported a global food company develop a Base of the Pyramid model for nutritional products in India and East Africa. Organized an intensive learning journey and incubation process to understand the local markets and generate new delivery models.

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