Mindful Business

Leading companies such as Google, Aetna, and Eileen Fisher, among many others, are embracing mindfulness as a vanguard business practice. Although definitions vary, the concept of mindfulness is about cultivating awareness, acceptance, and presence. As the velocity and complexity of business grows, companies are beginning to turn to mindful practice as a way of growing leaders and employees who are centered, reflective, and more able to act from higher purpose. Companies mainstreaming mindfulness are often glowing about the benefits to organizational culture and to the bottom line.

Synergos is a leading edge organization in the area mindful practice and has been involved for more than ten years on a wide range of initiatives focused on personal reflection, personal development, and organizational transformation.

Some of the main ways Synergos can be of service include the following:

  • 3-5 day purpose retreats for senior leadership teams to cultivate awareness, reflect on the future, and clarify purpose - the retreats take place in a nature-based setting and are led by a world-class team of facilitators and coaches
  • Individual coaching and support for senior business leaders
  • Design and facilitation of mindfulness-based meetings, workshops, conferences
  • Development of mindful business practices, courses, activities and plans for companies to mainstream mindfulness

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Senior Leadership · Alignment Mexico

Build the capacity through a nature retreat of the leadership team of a major cosmetics company, expanding their knowledge, skill, and ability to generate and execute a sustainability strategy.

Purpose Retreats · USA, Mexico

Facilitated nature-based retreats for social, business and philanthropic leaders. These one week retreats allow participants to step outside their daily routine and environment, providing space to gain a clearer understanding of their purpose and how to bring deeper meaning into their life and work.

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