Leadership Development

Synergos’ leadership development focuses on Bridging Leadership. Bridging Leadership is the capacity to make it possible for diverse people to come together and work as partners. It aims to create and sustain effective working relationships among stakeholders whose collective input is needed to make progress on a given challenge. By “bridging” different perspectives and opinions, innovative solutions can be developed and implemented addressing social and economic problems.

Bridging leadership is a core component of Synergos’ approach, and in over 25 years Synergos has both integrated bridging leadership into all of its programs, and helped train others to use and teach bridging leadership skills.


  • Developing diagnoses and theories of change that guide action, enable assessment, and support ongoing learning
  • Designing and facilitating leadership training programs
  • Facilitating workshops to measure the level of strategic alignment and ensure that employee effort is focused in the right direction
  • Designing and delivering workshops to measure working style preferences
  • Organizing immersion exercises into emerging markets to build leadership skills and alignment around purpose


  • Build initial coalitions and networks of leadership that extend across diverse stakeholder groups
  • Mapping and identifying partners for leadership development opportunities
  • Bringing new partners together, building trust and developing partnership models and agreements
  • Building skills for collaboration and improving internal capacity to align business and employee goals


  • Integrate international and national perspectives into goals that are compelling to the local actors who must implement them
  • Delivering bridging leadership training to corporates, foundations, NGOs, and Boards
  • Setting metrics and establishing a process to monitor and evaluate bridging leadership programs
  • Communicating and sharing results and impact of bridging leadership activities with key audiences

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Collaboration · Canada

Led the design and facilitative of the Aboriginal Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Initiative as a model of new ways for Canadian First Nations, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to work together. The initiative advanced practical economic and social development priorities of participating communities while simultaneously building relationships of trust and understanding between First Nations and others. Synergos was a founding partner of the initiative, contributing our expertise in building trust and cross-sector collaboration. Learn more »

Social Entrepreneurship · MENA

Facilitated NBI survey to social entrepreneurs resulting in improved team performance and connection to purpose. Learn more » 

Purpose Retreats · USA, Mexico

Designed and conducted purpose retreats for the members of the Global Philanthropists Circle. The retreats  allow participants to step outside their daily routine and environment, providing space in a natural setting to gain a deeper understanding of purpose and how to bring this meaning to their philanthropic and life commitments.

Learning Journeys ·  East, West and Southern Africa,  Mexico, USA

Learning Journeys are a unique opportunity to visit countries or regions to get an in-depth, first-hand look at development challenges and innovative philanthropic programs addressing them. These trips offer a mixture of site visits, private meetings with government, civil society, and corporate leaders, and time for reflection.

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