Inclusive Business

Inclusive business refers to the sustainable business solutions that go beyond philanthropy to expand access to goods, services, and livelihood opportunities for low-income communities in commercially viable ways. Inclusive business leads to the creation of employment opportunities for the marginalized and poor either directly or through companies’ value chains as suppliers, distributors, service providers and retailers. Companies can also develop ways to supply affordable products and services to meet basic needs such as water, sanitation, food, housing, and health care.

Synergos has experience in a number of areas, including:


  • Identifying opportunities within companies for developing inclusive businesses
  • Designing and implementing inclusive business plans
  • Conducting research and systematizing inclusive business cases


  • Identifying and vetting partners for new inclusive business ventures
  • Bringing partners together, building trust and developing partnership models and experience


  • Implementing large-scale inclusive business programs financed by international organizations and/or investors
  • Designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems to measure the impact of inclusive businesses
  • Building the capacity and teams to manage and run inclusive businesses

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Strategy · Mexico

Advised a personal care company entering the Mexican market to develop an inclusive business that could benefit local communities.

Strategy · East Africa & India

Supported a food company to develop a Base of Pyramid model for nutrition products in India and East Africa. Organized an intensive learning journey and incubation process to understand the local markets and generate new delivery models.

Strategy & Collaboration · Africa

Helped a leading supplier of seeds build sustainability into its business practices, think strategically about its social impact in Africa, and access the best thinking of diverse stakeholders by convening and facilitating dialogues.

Collaboration & Implementation · Ethiopia

Supported a food and beverage company in building a sustainable sourcing model with small-holder farmers in Ethiopia and introduced them to key stakeholders including government officials, co-operatives, unions, businesses and civil society leaders.

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