Health Systems

Foundations and pharmaceutical companies alike are often challenged by a stark reality in many emerging markets: even when extraordinary new medications and treatments are created they often do not reach intended beneficiaries because health systems are weak and fragmented. Because of fragile healthcare delivery systems and inefficient healthcare markets in countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, millions of people suffer from easily preventable and treatable conditions.

Synergos has been involved in the strengthening of health systems since 2008, and can support companies, governments, foundations and others in the following ways:


  • Facilitating immersion exercise into emerging markets to surface new consumer, market, community and health system insights
  • Research and analysis on market, competitive, social and community contexts
  • Creative process design to enable companies to develop new strategies, programs, investments and models for business and social impact
  • Incubating new initiatives through prototyping, stakeholder input, expert analysis, and field-testing
  • Generating business plans and new route-to-market approaches for health care solutions
  • Developing financial resourcing plans and donor engagement strategies


  • Mapping, analyzing and engaging stakeholders
  • Vetting potential partners for collaboration
  • Brokering and managing partnerships involving business, government, civil society, health care providers, and other health system players
  • Building donor partnerships


  • Leading large scale health systems transformation efforts at national level
  • Field-level program leadership, management and assessment
  • Organizational development for government, corporate, and community actors involved in health systems

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Collaboration · Namibia

Synergos has been working in Namibia since 2008. We bring together diverse resources, competencies and experiences from Namibia’s government, corporate, and the nonprofit sectors, as well as the US Agency for International Development, GAIN-Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, and the END Fund. Learn more »

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