Food and Agriculture

With global population projected to climb over 8 billion by 2030, companies in the food and agriculture sector are seeking new ways to increase the availability and affordability of food to address growing demand. Businesses are meanwhile being challenged to meet ever more complex sustainability and environmental standards, to collaborate with small-holder farmers and others along extended agricultural value chains, and to find synergies and scale by working in partnership with governments, non-profit organizations and communities.

Synergos has been active in the food and agriculture arena for over ten years and has expertise in a number of areas, including:


  • Facilitating immersion exercise into emerging markets to surface new consumer, market, community and agricultural system insights
  • Research and analysis on market, competitive, social and community contexts
  • Creative process design to enable companies to develop new strategies, programs, philanthropic investmens and models for business and social impact
  • Incubating new initiatives through prototyping, stakeholder input, expert analysis, and field-testing
  • Developing financial resourcing plans and donor engagement strategies


  • Mapping, analyzing and engaging stakeholders
  • Vetting potential partners for collaboration
  • Brokering and managing partnerships involving business, government, civil society, small-holder farmers, and other value chain players
  • Building donor partnerships


  • Field-level program leadership, management and assessment
  • Leading large scale agricultural transformation efforts at national level
  • Organizational development for government, corporate, and community actors involved in agriculture

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Strategy · East Africa & India

Supported a global food company develop a Base of the Pyramid model for nutritional products in India and East Africa. Organized an intensive learning journey and incubation process to understand the local markets and generate new delivery models.

Collaboration & Implementation · Ethiopia

Supported the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the design and early-stage implementation of the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, currently focusing on overcoming systemic bottlenecks across Ethiopia’s agriculture sector.

Collaboration · Nigeria

Supported the Nigerian State governments develop their agricultural transformation agenda, in collaboration with the various local stakeholders (e.g. smallholder farmers, cooperatives and unions, companies/suppliers, political leaders) and in alignment with the Federal agenda.

Strategy · Emerging Markets

Synergos assisted a leading global seed company in the framing of a revised sustainability strategy, which would improve business in emerging markets as well as smallholder farmers' yields.

Strategy & Collaboration · India & Mexico

Synergos conducted desk research and stakeholder interviews to better understand a major US food company's efforts to address hunger and under nutrition in Mexico and India and provide insight into potential engagements moving forward. Synergos also leveraged its in-country network to identify a short list of potential partners for the foundation's Healthy Lifestyles strategy.



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Len le Roux


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