Cross-Sectoral Partnerships

“Partnership” may be among the most over-used and least well-defined words in the English language. To get anything done these days, we are all supposed to be working in partnership. Of course bringing companies together to work with governments, other businesses, civil society organizations and others as a means of achieving scale and sustainability holds promise, but how can we ensure that partnerships can really perform?

Synergos is a world-leader in the design, formation, and management of cross-sectoral partnerships and is capable of supporting clients in a number of key areas, including:


  • Analyzing social issues, performing needs assessments, researching social, political, economic contexts as input to the development of partnerships
  • Developing strategies for companies to determine when, how and under what conditions to partner
  • Innovative partnership design
  • Creating resourcing strategies for partnerships


  • Mapping, analyzing, and vetting potential partners
  • Brokering and mobilizing partnership and coalitions involving business, government, civil society, communities and/or others
  • Skill-building for companies and others on how to partner using Synergos' curriculum on “Bridging Leadership”
  • Designing and facilitating meetings, events, and workshops to advance collaborative initiatives
  • Developing inclusive governance systems for collaborative initiatives
  • Building donor and impact investor partnerships


  • On-the-ground management of multi-sectoral partnerships
  • Partnership monitoring and assessment

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Collaboration & Implementation · India

Created the Bhavishya Alliance together with Unilever, UNICEF, and local stakeholders to develop a cohesive response to child undernutrition in the State of Maharashtra.

Collaboration & Implementation · Ethiopia

Supported the development of the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) providing capacity building, organizational development, research, advocacy strategy in favor of the private sector, and analytical services.

Collaboration & Implementation · Nigeria

Supported Nigerian State governments in developing their agricultural transformation agenda, in collaboration with the various local stakeholders (e.g., farmers, cooperatives and unions, companies/suppliers, political leaders) and in alignment with the Federal agenda.

Collaboration & Implementation · Brazil

Helped the State of Para build a large multi-stakeholder partnership to improve the performance of the two-million-students education system by creating an integrated and comprehensive set of interventions.