Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy in the United States and other regions is on the rise. With almost $18 billion of corporate giving in the United States alone, companies are putting serious money into social, environmental and human causes. But are these resources being wisely deployed? Are companies getting the highest social return on their investments? Can corporate philanthropy serve the dual purpose of addressing real human needs while also advancing a company’s core business?

Synergos is a world leader in the area of private, community and corporate philanthropy and has been active as a philanthropic convener and advisor for over twenty years. Some of the many ways Synergos can support companies seeking to develop or improve their approach to philanthropy include the following:


  • Analyzing social issues, performing needs assessments, researching social, political, economic contexts as input to corporate philanthropy strategies
  • Developing corporate foundation strategies and programs that resonate with the business and address social needs
  • Incubating new philanthropic initiatives through prototyping, stakeholder input, expert analysis, and field-testing
  • Developing strategies for corporate foundations to match and leverage resources from other companies and donors


  • Mapping, analyzing, and vetting potential partners and grantees
  • Brokering and managing partnerships involving business, government, civil society, communities and others
  • Building donor partnerships


  • Field-level program management
  • Program monitoring, evaluation and assessment
  • Organizational development for grantee organizations

Examples of Synergos Institute & Synergos Consulting Projects

Strategy & Collaboration · India, Mexico & South Africa

Supported a major US food company to identify a philanthropic strategy and to identify partners in Mexico, India and South Africa to enhance their social impact on local communities.

Strategy & Implementation · Brazil

Organized learning trips for a media company to assess the quality of select organizations in which the company could invest as part of their philanthropic efforts. Supported the process of identification of potential new investment opportunities and organizations which could serve as potential partners.


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Robert Dunn

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