Founded in 1986 by a member of the Rockefeller Family, the Synergos Institute helps solve the complex problems of poverty and inequality by promoting and supporting collaborations among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities.

Synergos has an extensive track record of designing and leading cross-sectoral partnerships such as the Partnership for Child Nutrition in India, the PACT for Education in Brazil, the Aboriginal Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Initiative in Canada, and efforts to bring about agricultural transformation in Ethiopia and Nigeria. 

Synergos also runs and supports several networks such as the Senior Fellows and the Global Philanthropists Circle to advance its mission.

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Hear how we help corporations and foundations achieve positive social impact.

Rising out of this work in emerging markets, Synergos developed an extraordinary set of capabilities, which are now being made available to corporate clients through Synergos Consulting Services.

Founded in 2010 as a division of the Synergos Institute, Synergos Consulting Services leverages the Institute’s experience, relationships, and approach to enable corporate clients to generate sustainable economic and social value through their core businesses and CSR and philanthropic efforts.

As a business-oriented consultancy operating within a mission-driven nonprofit, Synergos Consulting Services generates value for corporate clients by integrating best practice from management consulting and international development.

Synergos Consulting’s unique approach combines business analytics with experiential learning and advanced approaches to participatory design. We support clients from strategy formation to field implementation and have proven methodologies both for enhancing internal alignment and building multi-stakeholder partnerships. Learn more about our areas of service and our approach.